About Us

The Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII) combats global human trafficking by promoting corporate social responsibility through increasing awareness, facilitating intelligence integration and technology advancement, and encouraging strategic data collaboration.

Who we are

The Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative, a 501(c)3 US based nonprofit, was formed in late Summer of 2019.  At the time there were 5 key stakeholders who set out on a huge mission to #FollowMoneyFightSlavery!   


Those first 5 have 10-X'd, as we now draw from a pool of over 50 “Experteers and a dozen industry leaders who serve on our Advisory Council.  We cannot do what we aim to do without the collective guidance of an experienced Advisory Council, nor an army of experts and volunteers, our coveted “experteers”.  We feel we have hit the proverbial “sweet spot” with our current roster, we simply refer to ourselves as “Team ATII”.  

Team ATII is an eclectic group from many different backgrounds.  We’ve joined forces to combat global human trafficking by leveraging corporate social responsibilities directly through advocacy awareness, intelligence integration, technology advancement and strategic data collaboration.

We aspire to pioneer necessary change in the approach to trafficking prevention, detection, reporting and collaboration to achieve justice and save lives.

Team ATII will disrupt the operations, economics and anonymity of Human Trafficking at the source, no doubt. By partnering with economic gatekeepers such as financial institutions and corporations we can cumulatively intervene in criminal access to financial markets inhibiting the ability in which traffickers exploit the vulnerabilities of our society.

We can’t do it without an army of vetted experteers.  We sought out those who bring unique talents to the table.  Our experteers need to be equipped with a level of tenacity to meet, and often exceed, that of the traffickers.  Traffickers are crafty, ingenious, malicious, and devoid of a moral compass. 

This last one is going to be their downfall.  Team ATII will see to it!

When good people join together on a mission… 


to ACCELERATE the abolition of modern slavery through strategic partnerships in finance, technology and boots on the ground organizations,

to COLLABORATE while positioning ourselves as a funding vehicle for anti-Human Trafficking nonprofits as a result of sponsorships from our corporate strategic partners,

and to DISRUPT the economics of Human Trafficking by developing technology aimed at connecting financial institutions with collaborative data to provide law enforcement... 


they can and will create massive momentum to prioritize the HUMAN in Human Trafficking. 

How we do it

ATII provides partner companies with tools and strategies to aide in the prevention and detection of human trafficking. Our eLearning courses provide the most current information to thoroughly educate employees on the complexities of human trafficking. When employees learn what human trafficking looks like from the financial perspective, they can apply measures to the KYC process and actively consider human trafficking in the transaction monitoring process.

There are many ways in which stakeholders can collectively work to impede human trafficking activities, with one way being through direct financial interference. By taking advantage of the programs developed by ATII, ethically responsible institutions are not only taking action to protect their consumers, but are also preserving their integrity, reputation, and sustainability.

Why us

To combat a financial crime, an organization must thoroughly understand how those crimes play out. As anyone who actively combat trafficking will tell you, human trafficking is by far the most complex crime to investigate. Our team of experts in the financial and data forensics space pool resources to actively develop a comprehensive suite of products and services catered to following the economic flow of human trafficking. This results in thorough investigations that stand on financial evidence negating the need to drag victims through a trial, further traumatizing them.

Because ATII is a nonprofit entity, we can pivot quickly in response to trends identified through our collaborative working model. It is those trends that guide our strategies to help your organization better support Law Enforcement investigations (proactively and reactively) to increase human trafficking convictions.

Trafficking practices pivot on a dime. Your means for detecting, disrupting and dismantling these criminal actions must do so as well.

Our team - board, experts, etc

How you get involved