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Supporting Trauma Victims in the Workplace

Supporting Trauma Victims in the Workplace: A Guide for Employers

By Elona Washington, Owner, Fractional CMO & C7 Marketing Boutique Trauma has a profound impact on individuals, affecting their emotional well-being, physical health, and overall functioning. According to the National…
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Taking care of your well-being as a researcher of online child sexual abuse offenders

Matt Richardson January 16, 2023 Matt Richardson, the Director of Intelligence and Child Safety for the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII), a US-based NGO that combats global human trafficking, gives some tips…
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GALWAY, IRELAND, April 20, 2023  – Siren, the investigation technology company on a mission to keep people, assets and networks safe, is this years Platinum Sponsor of the virtual Follow Money Fight Slavery…
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Tech for Good Against Human Trafficking & Child Exploitation

Tech For Good Rally Results Hosted by Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative

The Results are in for the High-Risk Human Trafficking Tech & Data Rally Hosted by the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative Wilmington, NC, November 22, 2022 – Major global financial institutions…
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Tech For Good

Tech For Good Rally Hosted by Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative

High-Risk Human Trafficking Tech & Data Rally Created for Financial Institutions & Commercial Organizations to Implement Tools Into Their Existing Operations to Combat Human Trafficking Wilmington, NC, September 22, 2022…
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PornHub Visa Case 2022

Human Trafficking Survivor and Her Attorneys Gain Major Win in Pornhub/Visa Child Trafficking Case

Visa has denied allegations that because it allowed ads to be purchased on MindGeek’s porn websites, it monetized child pornography A federal judge refused to remove Visa from a lawsuit…
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An AML Regulatory View on Human Trafficking & CSAM

An AML Regulatory View on Human Trafficking & CSAM Experts say that financial institutions are struggling to spot the tell-tale signs of human trafficking due to resource constraints and the…
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Cryptocurrency – The Final OSINT Frontier?

Ubivis_Project June 16, 2022 Written by Keven Hendricks Unless you have been living under a proverbial rock for the past few years, you have undoubtedly heard about cryptocurrencies. Whether it’s…
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Digital Global Skyline

ACAMS Carolinas Chapter – Anti-Human Trafficking

On March 10th 2022, the ACAMS Carolinas Chapter hosted a virtual event to discuss ways to combat human trafficking which continues to occur across the Carolinas, the United States, and…
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Expert Analysis of
Open Source Material relating to Child Sexual Abuse Material and Sex Trafficking occurring on

Compiled by Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative in Consultation with Veteran Law Enforcement OfficialsApril 2022 Issue Overview, owned by Fenix International with a presence in the U.S., is primarily an…
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Using Technology to Battle Forced Labor in Supply Chain

Article co-created with the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative and QuantexaBY  ELLEN ZIMILES ALMA ANGOTTI TIM MUELLER BALKI AYDIN Human trafficking is one of the most important problems in the modern…
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Crypto is Famously Private – Is it Being Used by Traffickers?

“in the case of sex trafficking, these kiosks are typically used to buy ads that are posted on adult service websites. This method is also used by escorts. One sign of trafficking includes multiple women using the same bitcoin wallet or one account being used to purchase multiple ads.”
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FinCEN Provides Analysis and Research of Financial Crimes to Law Enforcement in a Suite of Products to Aid in Investigations

Written by: Sarah Kossoy At the local level of law enforcement, the connection between financial crimes and other crimes can be unfamiliar and overlooked. With the federal level conducting the…
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