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ACAMS Carolinas Chapter – Anti-Human Trafficking

On March 10th 2022, the ACAMS Carolinas Chapter hosted a virtual event to discuss ways to combat human trafficking which continues to occur across the Carolinas, the United States, and…
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Expert Analysis of
Open Source Material relating to Child Sexual Abuse Material and Sex Trafficking occurring on

Compiled by Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative in Consultation with Veteran Law Enforcement OfficialsApril 2022 Issue Overview, owned by Fenix International with a presence in the U.S., is primarily an…
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Using Technology to Battle Forced Labor in Supply Chain

Article co-created with the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative and QuantexaBY  ELLEN ZIMILES ALMA ANGOTTI TIM MUELLER BALKI AYDIN Human trafficking is one of the most important problems in the modern…
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Crypto is Famously Private – Is it Being Used by Traffickers?

“in the case of sex trafficking, these kiosks are typically used to buy ads that are posted on adult service websites. This method is also used by escorts. One sign of trafficking includes multiple women using the same bitcoin wallet or one account being used to purchase multiple ads.”
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FinCEN Provides Analysis and Research of Financial Crimes to Law Enforcement in a Suite of Products to Aid in Investigations

Written by: Sarah Kossoy At the local level of law enforcement, the connection between financial crimes and other crimes can be unfamiliar and overlooked. With the federal level conducting the…
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Siren partners with Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative

Investigative intelligence platform will be used to help prevent global trafficking and save lives Siren, a leading provider of Investigative Intelligence analytics, today announced it is partnering with the Anti-Human…
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Bret Peters from ADF Solutions Interviews Aaron Kahler from ATII

Bret: Hi Aaron, it’s always great to catch up with you. Thanks for taking the time to talk and to share more information about ATII, your work, and your vision for…
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Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative Announces Winners of Global Dark Web Hackathon

The Darkwebathon is a 5-day event that attracted 330 registrants & generated thousands of actionable intelligence reports for law enforcement agencies
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Maltego and the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative Present: Project Hades Transforms

Project Hades, the brainchild of the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII), provides researchers with a wealth of information related to darkweb onion sites. The Project Hades dataset includes information on…
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Darkwebathon Focuses on Uncovering Actionable Intel for Human Trafficking Related Crimes on the Dark Web

Written by Jennifer Moreau Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII) and CipherTrace are co-hosting a five-day virtual hackathon event, called the Darkwebathon, with the goal of investigating data from the Dark…
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Walking Metamorphosis: ATII warns for the importance of keeping CSAM and Human Trafficking monitors trendy

Written by Carolina Christofoletti A recent Notice published by the U.S. Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) calls global attention to the fact that Covid-19 has seen a non-negligible increase in…
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Tearing the CSAM maps apart: Link-to-link routes in times of V3 Onion Services Transition

Written by Carolina Christofoletti Whilst a great part of the keyword-crawlable Dark Web is made of criminals announcing, through particular keywords, their criminal intents to others, the other part of…
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On the eyes of a crocodile: Text-based CSAM forums on the Darkweb

Written by: Carolina Christofoletti When we think about Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) related forums, it is a common belief that pages as such advertise, explicitly, their criminal nature on…
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