Anti-Human Trafficking Survivor Consortium (ATSC)

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We are focused on meeting survivors where they are at - with programming and initiatives that will be co-created by survivors so that the viability and actual outcomes will be beneficial to the betterment of their quality of life.

Human trafficking is the exploitation of a human being through the means of force, fraud, or coercion, with the goal of benefiting from the victim's labor or sexual commerce. Trafficking may seem like an issue that only exists elsewhere, but victims are often hidden in plain sight. And when they leave or escape, they need support from people in their community who care about their health and well-being.


Our survivor-centric consortium exists to ensure that survivors have the tools and resources to remain free of exploitation. We aim to provide programs that are needed most to have a sustainable, empowering, and effective work-life balance.



Encourage the private sector to effectively meet the needs of survivors by offering positive social impact initiatives.



  • Developing survivor-centered programs
  • Creation of education promoting projects
  • Awareness focused initiatives
  • Collaboration with industry professionals

Higher Education for Survivors of Trafficking (HEST)

About Project HEST

We partner with colleges and universities to provide free and reduced cost, high-quality training and degree opportunities to survivors of human trafficking, thereby enhancing their knowledge and credentials which will increase opportunities for employment/ advancement, and promote success in today’s environment.

Why Project HEST is Important

Too often, our support for survivors ends when they are out of their trafficking situation. However, in order to support survivors through the full, complicated path to healing, we must recognize their need for continued resources in rebuilding a life insulated from the forces that exploited them in the first place.


University Expectations

  • Admittance/registration of the survivor applicant
  • Provide course content and instructional staff
  • Provide advice to Project participants enrolled in courses


ATSC Expectations

  • Collaborate with higher education providers to facilitate the admissions process
  • Ensure that the beneficiaries of this program are survivors of human trafficking
  • Manage online aspects of the program


Survivor Qualifications

  • Must be age 18+ and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent
  • Follow University protocol regarding standards and completion

Information for Universities

ATSC aspires to mitigate the educational inequality that exists for many trafficking survivors. With the development of the Project Higher Education for Survivors of Trafficking (HEST), survivors will be given the opportunity to pursue a university degree, or other certification at a free or reduced cost, as sponsored by the participating university.

Project Higher Education for Survivors of Trafficking will begin as a pilot project to serve a small number of survivors, with limited though carefully chosen online degrees and educational opportunities.

Utilizing online courses will enable the Project to serve survivors regardless of geographical location, maximize flexibility for the survivors, and limit the burden on the physical space availability of the University.

If your organization is looking for a way to give back and do something for the community while building a reputation as a giving institution around a very important charitable cause, please consider sponsoring and partnering with the Anti-Human Trafficking Survivor Consortium (ATSC).

Depending on the level of commitment by the University (i.e., the number of survivors sponsored), the University will receive tiered recognition from ATSC on the ATII website and acknowledgment as a partner invested in combatting the injustices of human trafficking.

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Survivor Resources

Services Available to Survivors of Trafficking

Although we do not offer survivor services, we are still committed to ensuring everyone has the opportunity to receive help. If you are in need of survivor resources, we have complied a list of services available to you. This list is organized by basis of need and what stage you may be at in your recovery journey.