Darkweb Intelligence

Delivering Darknet Secrets

Introducing the ATII Darkweb Intelligence Platform

Law enforcement, financial institutions, and corporations do not need to expose themselves to unnecessary security risks by accessing the Darkweb directly while conducting investigations to locate digital fingerprints.

This Darkweb Intelligence platform reduces the risk and exposure to illegal content to keep your staff safe by using a multi-layered, proactive approach to investigations that provides full, real-time visibility into the Darkweb.

It is also a collaborative platform that allows the users to work together on cases, tag evidence and enter in notes for deconfliction.

A multi-layered, proactive approach to cybersecurity that provides full, real-time visibility into all your digital assets, is the only proven solution for keeping your business and your customers safe.”

We Do This

Scrape darkweb sites for:

  • IP & Email Addresses

  • Keywords & Meta Data

  • Etags, Favicons, Javascript

  • Google Analytics ID's

  • SSH Keys, PGP Keys

  • Cryptocurrency Address

  • Images Hades, EXIF Data

– So That –

You Can Do This

  • Search for Threats

  • Perform Investigations

  • Filter & Pivot Through Queries

  • Perform Risk & Link Analysis

  • Map Out Criminal Networks

  • Deanonymize the Darkweb

What Data Experts are Saying

“DigitalMint is excited to partner with the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative in its fight to combat human trafficking. DigitalMint for years has been trying to implement a monitoring scenario to detect HT/CSAM related transactions specifically but has been unable to do so due to the low dollar transactions involved with those typologies and the transactions often not involving high-risk wallets. However, by utilizing the data available through the platform, DigitalMint is able to effectively monitor for Human Trafficking and CSAM while not being inundated with false-positive transaction monitoring alerts. I'd recommend ATII's Darkweb Intelligence platform to anyone in the BTM space who is looking for an effective enhancement to their AML program.”

– Seth Sattler, BSA Officer at DigitalMint

Digital Mint

“We are incredibly proud to partner with and support the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative through their efforts in building tools and techniques for a cause which should be paramount to any organization in the cyber and crypto sphere. Their ability to timely extricate sensitive data from darknet markets such as IP addresses, usernames, e-mail addresses, and many other identifiers are oftentimes the crucial pieces of the puzzle critical to advancing investigations. There aren't many players in this space who have dedicated themselves to this very important mission and we are incredibly grateful of their team who have made anti-human trafficking their life's focus.”

– Shaun MaGruder, Founder & CEO at Blocktrace

"The Attribution and Investigations teams at CipherTrace appreciate ATII's Darkweb Intelligence platform and the vast array of indexed data from onion sites. The scraped onion site data provides the title of the sites as well as categories and keyword analysis. Investigations uses this data to identify crypto addresses that may be re-used ie. multiple sites/scams using one BTC address. This provides CipherTrace with critical insights on relationships between entities and scam types, and any potential connections to CSAM/sexploitation."

– Jonelle Still, Cryptocurrency Forensics Analyst at CipherTrace

Cipher Trace

"ATII continues to lead the path in investigative innovations, providing a utility for investigators with law enforcement and companies such as CipherBlade to cross-reference multi-source data. The integration with leading analysis tools such as Chainalysis foster efficient hand-off of data across specialties, which streamlines collaboration across specialties. Before ATII's Darkweb Intelligence platform, the process of scraping the dark web for data such as cryptocurrency addresses was a process with several more steps. Time quickly adds up in investigations, and the trove of data this platform provides is an unparalleled bolstering to not only investigators but compliance programs with partner organizations that take the issues of human trafficking and child exploitation to heart. ATII enables us to work together in ways that simply were not possible before."

– Rich Sanders, Lead Investigator/Principal at Cipherblade


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