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Join our mission to Follow Money Fight Slavery. Your donation can be the turning point in the lives of millions. Let's stand together against human trafficking.


At the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative, we are dedicated to dismantling the dark practices of human trafficking by disrupting its financial underpinnings. Your support can make a significant difference.


Our Mission

  • Uncover and Disrupt Financial Networks: Your donation helps us analyze and track financial transactions that fuel human trafficking.
  • Empower Through Education and Collaboration: Contributions enable us to educate stakeholders and collaborate with key partners, strengthening our united front against trafficking.
  • Advocate for Change: Your support aids in our advocacy for policy changes, making it harder for traffickers to operate.

Your Impact

  • Provide Crucial Intelligence Tools: Donations assist in the development of advanced technologies, such as our Darkweb Intelligence Platform, essential for our investigative efforts.
  • Expand Global Reach: Every contribution supports our global mission to protect the vulnerable and oppressed.
  • Save Lives: Your generosity plays a direct role in identifying victims and bringing traffickers to justice.
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