#FMFS 2021 Summit Spotlight: ATCC – Crypto Kiosk & Bitcoin ATM Panel

The Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative’s 2021 Virtual Summit brings with it an incredible lineup of expert speakers. 

It is our distinct pleasure to introduce you to our Anti-Human Trafficking Cryptocurrency Consortium – Crypto Kiosk & Bitcoin ATM Panelists, as part of our #FMFS2021Summit blog series.

Moderator: Robert Whitaker

Chief Operating Officer,
Blockchain Intelligence Group  

Robert Whitaker serves as the Chief Operations Officer for Blockchain Intelligence Group. He is a dedicated professional with over 23 years of combined experience in the public and private sectors serving as subject matter in criminal and financial crimes investigation. In his prior role as a Supervisory Special Agent with Homeland Security Investigations, he creatively crafted a culture of intelligence by overseeing the Illicit Digital Economy Program (IDEP), providing cryptocurrency investigation training, and developed investigative methodologies. 

Rich Sanders 

Lead Investigator/Principal, CipherBlade
Law Enforcement Liaison, ATII 

Rich Sanders has over 13 years of multi-dimensional experience.  His current project is with CipherBlade as Co-Founder and Lead Investigator.  It is this current role through which he has filled a gap and developed a pathway to enhancing the lightly touched space of cryptocurrencies.  Rich has worked with law enforcement to develop procedures, acted as an expert witness for numerous cases, and provides security services to institutions. His efforts to develop and execute investigative methodologies through leveraging forensics to aid in identifying perpetrators truly showcases his abilities to follow the blockchain within the crypto space.  

Seth Sattler 

BSA Officer, Digital Mint 

Seth Sattler is the BSA Officer for Digital Mint and has joined Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII) as an experteer. He strategically expanded his abilities to aid in anti-trafficking initiatives by steadily increasing his experience within financial institutions.  He has obtained a CAMS certification and is dedicated to the principle of constant and neverending improvement as he enhances his already impressive skill set through building alliances and networks which keep him actively engaged in fighting against financial crimes. 

Joseph Ciccolo 

Founder & President, BitAML & ComplyFit 

Joseph Ciccolo, CAMS, AMLCA, CFE serves as the President of BitAML & ComplyFit. His entrepreneurial spirit has found its wings and as a result, he has bridged many gaps identified throughout his 13+ years in BSA compliance. He is a leader in compliance advisory services providing technical solutions that offer turn-key BSA/AML programs to start-up companies including business kiosks operators, exchanges, traders and platforms in the cryptocurrency space.

Arnold Spencer 

General Counsel, Coinsource 

Arnold Spencer is the General Counsel for Coinsource and is a leader in providing legal guidance, along with developing compliance policies and procedures for anti-money laundering programs in the cryptocurrency space. With over 20 years of experience he also dedicates his time and intelligence counseling, serving as an expert witness and presenting to the IRS, Federal Reserve and for the Bankers Association. 

And with this dynamic and highly regarded alliance, this panel is positioned to provide brilliant anti-trafficking solutions.  We feel incredibly fortunate to have each person on our Crypto Kiosk & Bitcoin ATM panel speaking at the First Annual Follow Money Fight Slavery 2021 Virtual Summit!