#FMFS 2021 Summit Spotlight: Technology & Data Panel

The Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative’s 2021 Virtual Summit brings with it an incredible lineup of expert speakers. 

It is our distinct pleasure to introduce you to our Technology & Data Panelists, as part of our #FMFS2021Summit blog series.

Moderator: Rachel McLaughlin 

Pegasystems Inc.
Fintech / Regtech Consultant / KYC Specialist

Rachel has 20 years of experience in the financial services industry including regulatory technologies supporting AML, Fraud and CECL. Her focus has been to leverage leading technologies to reframe the paradigm of risk and compliance activities; deriving intelligence from data through machine learning and artificial intelligence is her way of supporting clients and protecting the global economy from abuse. Strengthening her clients’ risk programs she develops strategies to transform AML operations, credit risk, and fraud solutions. More recently, she has created opportunities to advance the adoption of leading technologies within the broader financial services ecosystem for G-SIBs and G-SIFIs.   

Ingrid Verschuren 

Dow Jones, Senior Vice President of Data Strategy & Deputy Head of Professional Information Business 

Ingrid Verschuren is a highly recognized and respected professional in her field with over 20 years of experience and passion in tackling some of world’s most pressing issues, including modern slavery. And as a true subject matter expert, she has been invited to speak at the UN and other high profile industry events. Based in Barcelona, Ingrid leads a team of global researchers, maintaining data used to enrich products for Dow Jones including licensing and maintenance for market data as a part of consumer publications and the Wall Street Journal.  

Matthew Long 

Head of AML Solutions, Quantexa 

Based in Luxembourg, Matthew Long has a concrete 20 years of experience working with a global client base within the financial sector. His leadership extends far beyond operations and compliance into change management and audits to further test the quality and effectiveness of anti-financial crime programs. He makes it a point to engage with other Financial Intelligence Units and Regulatory Authorities to leverage intelligence and maintain an ethical program. Matt’s appointment as a Board Member and regular AFC conference speaker and author speaks to his abilities to affect the kinds of changes that go beyond checking the compliance box.  

Gary Shiffman 

CEO & Economist, Giant Oak Inc. 

Gary M. Shiffman, Ph.D. is an applied micro-economist and business executive with over 20 years of notable experience working to combat organized violence, corruption, and coercion. His academic work is complemented by his global operational experiences, having served in the various government roles and as a business leader at a publicly-traded corporation.  Dr. Shiffman’s formerly held roles were in the U.S. Navy, a post at the Pentagon, Senior Executive at the Dept. of Homeland Security and a National Security Advisor for the U.S. Senate.

Currently, Dr. Shiffman serves as the CEO for both Giant Oak, Inc., and Consilient which build solutions to support professionals in the fields of national security and financial crime leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence. Leaving no stone unturned, he also teaches what he describes as the next generation of national security leaders for Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. Dr. Shiffman recently published The Economics of Violence:  How Behavioral Science Can Transform Our View of Crime, Insurgency, and Terrorism with Cambridge University Press in 2020. 

Robert Goldfinger 

BAE Applied Intelligence Systems
 Global Financial Crimes Expert

With nearly three decades of leadership experience in the public and private sectors, Mr. Goldfinger brings a unique combination of management expertise to the table.  This combination is complemented by his operational and investigations leadership most notably serving those who require technology and investigative solutions. Holding several leadership positions with privately held financial service and technology institutions in the Fraud/Risk management sector, Mr. Goldfinger has affirmed his successful risk-based approach in enhancing Fraud/Risk and Compliance programs. He is a recognized Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), a founding member and former Co-Chair of ACAMS Carolinas Chapter, and serves on the ACAMS TODAY’s editorial and ACAMS educational task forces.  

As a frequent speaker at US domestic and international conferences, he spreads a wealth of knowledge covering organizational efficiency, utilization and design of due diligence tools, threat and risk management, fraud as well as Anti-money Laundering. Mr. Goldfinger’s profile would not be complete without mentioning he is widely published in a variety of industry periodicals and an adjunct Law Professor at Case Western University, School of Law.  He is a retired Commanding Officer of Criminal Investigations from the Rochester New York P.D. and is a Former Director of Training and Development at the Internal Investigation Command. 

 Jennifer McEntire 

VP Financial Crimes Automation & Digitization, Wells Fargo 

Jennifer is a Vice President on the Financial Crimes Automation & Digitization Team at Wells Fargo. Responsible for creating and executing a strategy, it is her goal to make financial crime operational processes more efficient and effective by leveraging new technologies. In her role with LexisNexis Risk Solutions, she defined the commercial strategy for the Financial Crime Compliance Suite of Products incorporating her background in the financial sector where she managed compliance and fraud operations departments for a number of institutions. She is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and serves as Co-Chair on the ACAMS Central Florida Chapter Board of Directors.  

And with this dynamic and highly regarded alliance, this panel is positioned to provide brilliant anti-trafficking solutions.  We feel incredibly fortunate to have each person on our Technology and Data panel speaking at the First Annual Follow Money Fight Slavery 2021 Virtual Summit!