Human Trafficking: Slavery Without Chains

A Worldwide Atrocity

Author: Christopher Kemp / Team ATII

In our everyday lives we wake up, eat breakfast and head out into the world to accomplish whatever it is that we set out for ourselves in modern day America.  For most in developed 1st world countries this is the reality that we have developed for ourselves.  We have a routine, cars, running water, electricity and many more wonderful things that have made life very easy.  There is a war ongoing even in these well developed places that extends far beyond and into most every place in the world.  This horrible war is not fought on a conventional plain, it is one that is fought beyond the visible and in the darkest places, as well as in the light. 

Human trafficking is the most cruel and divisive form of ritual criminal enterprises.  It has touched the lives of millions and the most horrible aspect of it, is that it is a need driven enterprise.  People want and know that they can have as long as they take from others.  For some this enterprise is driven by greed, for others its purely psychological, driven by a need for control.  This control doesn’t have its roots in one form or another.  It can be violent; it can be deceit or coercion whatever the center of this need is. It has grown to tremendous proportions.  While there are many organizations that have undertaken an attempt at gauging its true size, there really is no accurate estimates in existence at this time. 

How do we battle against an evil so large it spans our whole world and affects so many?  I am just one person; I can only do so much.  We have to understand the effect one person can have when many follow that person.  Leadership begins when you step out of your own shadow.  When you accept and seek to be responsible for more than just your own life.  Our decisions can have consequences, so decide today to stand up and against human trafficking.  Join our ranks, the battleground is not so far away it’s in every corner of this planet.