Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative and the University of New Haven offers new OSINT Training Course

Virtual seminar emphasizes basic darkweb investigation practices to aid in analyzing & implementing technologies in the human trafficking space

Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative and University of New Haven announced a new and free training seminar in basic to intermediate OSINT with a focus on techniques on anti-human trafficking and child exploitation investigations. With an emphasis on anti-human trafficking, the unique learning experience will provide professionals and students the key tools and expertise necessary to successfully search and detect nefarious activity on the darkweb.

“Effective online investigation can yield great intelligence, but they can also be quite perilous.” said Dr. Patrick Malloy, Director of the MS Investigations Program at University of New Haven. “When visiting sketchy websites, law enforcement agents and digital forensic professionals risk exposing their systems to malware infections or making themselves a target for attack. This training is very specific on how to keep yourself safe – while working to save others.”

The new course includes an introduction to intermediate training on OSINT, Darkweb Intelligence, Digital Forensics and other disciplines to detect, prevent, disrupt and report these heinous crimes against our most vulnerable. Applicants will learn the skills investigators need to conduct successful online investigations involving social media, data brokers, and open-source information. Topics include internet basics such as IP addresses and domains, an overview of currently popular social media platforms, best practices for building an online undercover profile, and overview of basic darkweb investigation. “As a non-profit, we are able to offer free training programs like this to remove barriers to people that have otherwise not been able to learn this important and life-saving skill because of location or economic stress. Applicants will learn about the tools and skillsets needed to assist in investigating the complex, and often unnoticed, crime of human trafficking,” states Aaron Kahler, Founder and Chief Executive of Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative.

Instructors demonstrate both free (open source) and commercially available investigative tools for social engineering, information gathering, and artifacts related to social media; as well as automated utilities to capture information and crawl websites. CLE credit may be possible for attending.  

Applications are being accepted for the Basic OSINT Training Course with CLE Credit in Anti-Human Trafficking & Child Exploitation Investigations. For more information or to sign up visit: