CoinFlip Supports the Fight Against Human Trafficking, Sponsors ATCC

CoinFlip, a leading financial services platform focused on the digital economy, officially announced today its partnership with the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative’s (ATII) Cryptocurrency Consortium (ATCC) to combat and raise awareness around human trafficking.

The company is a Silver-level Sponsor and will have access to ATII’s Hades darkweb intelligence platform to help combat human trafficking. Hades is a collaborative platform that allows financial institutions, corporations and law enforcement to share information for proactive investigations without accessing the dark web directly.

"As a leading cryptocurrency provider,  we are committed to assisting ATCC in their fight against human trafficking by tracking those who seek to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for criminal behavior,"

said Ben Weiss, CEO and Co-Founder of CoinFlip.

"We make it our priority to work diligently to keep this industry secure and compliant."

Human trafficking is a global issue, but its scale and prevalence in America is often overshadowed. Although many human trafficking incidences go unreported, making it difficult to site accurate statistics, the ATCC uses publicized numbers to emphasize that human trafficking is a lucrative industry that, around the globe, rakes in $150 billion annually – with approximately 300,000 children at risk each year. Working with the ATCC is crucial so that CoinFlip can help minimize the possibility of cryptocurrency transactions contributing to those statistics.

"The ATCC is honored to work with CoinFlip to continue driving awareness, proper dialogue, the sharing of information and reporting activity to help combat human trafficking through their wide network of relationships within the cryptocurrency industry,"

said Aaron Kahler, Founder and Chief Executive at ATII.

"CoinFlip has pioneered many firsts in the crypto community, and we believe the company will be a strong partner in bolstering our efforts to put an end to trafficking worldwide."

This sponsorship highlights CoinFlip’s core values of focusing on social good, corporate responsibility, and compliance. As it grows its business and expands its reach, CoinFlip will continue to drive relationships, like the one with ATCC, that serve to elevate and propel the cryptocurrency community towards positive change.

Information provided by FinancialNewsMedia.