IREX Collabs with Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative in Locating Non-Compliant Sex Offenders


Murrieta, California – August 16, 2022: Non-Compliant Sex Offenders is a growing issue thorughout the United States, with numbers in the thousands in every state. This is providing society, communities, schools and university campuses with an every day threat. 

Now, through the work of Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initative, IREX is equipped with state-wide databases of Non-Compliant Sex Offenders which will be able to alert the relevant authorities/personnel if anyone from these lists ever appears under surveillance.

ATII’s Chief Information Security Officer, Larry Cameron hailed the partnership with IREX: 

“At ATII, we feel that non-compliant sex offenders are a really high risk to society. Their lack of regard for not only the people they offend against, but the legal protocols that are put in place in order to keep tabs on them. IREX offers an offender recognition system that will allow us to monitor for these offenders. Initially, we will be focusing on colleges and universities to add another layer of protection to these establishments. We will then offer the service to other areas where children are at a high risk of being targeted. The more camera’s we have access to the higher the chances that we will be able to detect / catch these predators and notify authorities of their location so that they can be taken into custody.”

Although the preliminary focus will be across the United States, the partnership hopes to extend globally, as like IREX, The Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII) combats global human trafficking. 

See here how IREX unveiled how it’s AI is a driving force in the fight against Human Trafficking: