Location Data in Action: X-Mode Joins the Fight Against Human Trafficking

X-Mode is thrilled to announce our partnership with the Anti Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative.

X -Mode, the trusted face of the location data industry, is excited to announce our upcoming partnership with the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII) to combat and raise awareness around human trafficking at the 2020 Superbowl in Miami. The partnership is a part of Picket, X-Mode’s new Data for Social Impact initiative. Working with the ATII, Picket will leverage our industry-leading location SDK to disrupt the path of human traffickers and provide more resources to victims.

X-Mode created Picket because we believe that great technology should serve the good of all people. By providing free location data and insights to activists, nonprofits, and research institutions, we are using our industry-leading location data SDK to help create a safer and more equitable world. We have already begun to work with several different universities to create custom location-based solutions; a team of academics at UVA has already used our data to create MobiAmbulance, a novel ambulance dispatching methodology that accounts for human mobility after a natural disaster.

The Picket team is thrilled to be working together with ATII in their fight against human trafficking and modern-day slavery. Human trafficking shatters the lives of tens of millions of victims every year, disproportionately targeting women of color. Considering how this issue revolves around human movement and location, Picket is in a unique position to help contribute to this fight. To quote the Founder and President of the ATII, Aaron Kahler:

“With statistics on human trafficking globally showing an alarming impact estimating up to 40.3 million victims worldwide,  it is an epidemic that calls for an increased corporate social responsibility among organizations that are willing to both apply anti-human trafficking measures internally as well as use their resources and capabilities to accelerate the fight.  We are proud to partner with X-Mode through their innovative location data and technology to advance our vision of disrupting the operations, economics, and anonymity of human trafficking at the source. X-Mode’s proven longstanding people-centric approach is a genuine fit with our passion of prioritizing the HUMAN in human trafficking.”

The partnership between Picket and ATII was created in time for the Superbowl — historically one of the biggest events for trafficking in the country. Picket will be providing ATII with data to raise awareness around trafficking in Miami for this specific event. Based on the success of this initiative, Picket is excited to continue working with ATII moving forward, and to continue helping in the fight against modern slavery.


The Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative is a non-profit organization established in 2019. ATII’s mission is to combat global human trafficking by leveraging corporate social responsibilities directly through advocacy awareness, intelligence integration, technology advancement and strategic data collaboration. ATII aspires to pioneer necessary change in the approach to trafficking prevention, detection, reporting and collaboration to achieve justice and save lives. www.followmoneyfightslavery.org.


Picket is X-Mode’s Data for Social Impact Initiative. We are powered by the belief that great technology should serve the good of all people; and that technology only becomes great once it is accessible by everyone, not just an elite few. With that philosophy in mind, we are dedicated to using our industry-leading location SDK to help create a safer and more equitable world. To accomplish this, we provide data and insights for free to nonprofits, research institutions, and cause-driven activists. Do you think your organization could use our data? Contact us today at picket@xmodesocial.com, or head over to our Picket page.