X-Mode and the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative Announce Partnership to Fight Human Trafficking

Company Debuts ‘Picket’ Initiative to Help Nonprofits Use Location Data for Good

RESTON, Va., Nov. 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — X-Mode, the privacy-conscious location data company, today announced it is partnering with the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII) to combat and raise awareness around human trafficking at the 2020 Superbowl in Miami. X-Mode will be providing ATII with location data to raise awareness around trafficking in Miami for this global event. X-Mode is excited to continue working with ATII moving forward and to continue helping in the fight against modern slavery.

This announcement also serves as X-Mode’s launch of ‘Picket’, a new socially responsible initiative aimed at offering the company’s first-party location data to help nonprofits, academics, activists and research organizations to help them create products, services, and programs for a smarter, more equitable world.

X-Mode will offer customized location data reports collected from its proprietary SDK, to groups and individuals for free, or at discounted prices, for the purpose of applying the data for causes that will benefit the greater good. Organizations can use the data to improve outreach to potential volunteers and donors, as well as to spread awareness around important societal issues.

“By offering this data for free to groups that otherwise may not be able to afford it, we are seeking to level the playing field between organizations fighting for positive change and the powerful corporations they are often fighting against,” says Picket project leader Joseph Green.

“We are proud to partner with X-Mode through their innovative location data and technology to advance our vision of disrupting the operations, economics, and anonymity of human trafficking at the source,” Founder and President of the ATII, Aaron Kahler. “X-Mode’s proven longstanding people-centric approach is a genuine fit with our passion of prioritizing the HUMAN in human trafficking.”

Since X-Mode got its start as a group of college students building a popular safety app — Drunk Mode — the company is excited to get back to their roots by providing deserving organizations across the country with free access to an extensive repository of high quality location data.

“We are eager to see more innovative projects emerge from university partnerships through Picket,” said CEO Joshua Anton. “X-Mode recently worked with the University of Virginia to design an ambulance dispatch methodology to be used following a natural disaster. This is an incredible tool our team has built.”

About X-Mode:
X-Mode is creating the new standard for accuracy and transparency in location data, bridging gaps in the industry by building the world’s largest, most accurate, first-party privacy-conscious location data panel at scale. Powered by the XDK — X-Mode’s industry-leading location data SDK — this new standard will improve the entire location data ecosystem, and allow companies to develop disruptive tools built on a foundation of quality data.

Whether it is through their suite of popular safety apps, the solutions they offer to data sellers and licensers, or their newly-launched social impact initiative Picket, the company is dedicated to creating a more efficient, just, and sustainable world, and constantly aims to power innovation with quality location.

Kyle Kuhnel
Broadsheet Communications