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Retired Investigators Guild and ATII

The Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII) and the Retired Investigators Guild (RIG) Announce Partnership

September 14, 2023 Reno, Nevada Two major nonprofit organizations have announced a strategic partnership that spells bad news for criminals who engage in human trafficking.  According to Mike Marty, CEO…
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Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative and Flagright

Flagright Announces Sponsorship of Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative

This collaboration underscores Flagright’s commitment to using its technology and expertise to contribute meaningfully to the fight against human trafficking and financial crimes Flagright, a global leader in anti-financial crime,…
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Matt Richardson ATII

Matt Richardson: Preventing Human Trafficking and Online Exploitation

CAMS Today spoke with Matt Richardson about anti-human trafficking (HT) efforts and the future of HT, his participation in “Dark Highway” (an HT documentary that is being televised in Canada and…
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Anti-Human Trafficking Agency Traces Crypto to Fight Modern-Day Slavery

Cryptocurrency could be a game-changer for combating crime, a notion illustrated by CipherTrace’s newly formed partnership with the ATII.
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Facing AML & Human Trafficking at the Source: Announcing a Partnership Between NominoData and the Newly Formed Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative

Financial institutions lead the local and national level in helping law enforcement to track money laundering and human trafficking hot spots.
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X-Mode and the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative Announce Partnership to Fight Human Trafficking

X-Mode is partnering with the ATII to combat and raise awareness around human trafficking at the 2020 Superbowl in Miami.
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Location Data in Action: X-Mode Joins the Fight Against Human Trafficking

X-Mode is thrilled to announce our partnership with the Anti Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative.
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FinCEN’s New Reporting Category: Human Trafficking

Anti-money laundering managers at US banks could soon beef up their efforts to help law enforcement catch human trafficking.
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