Rebecca Bender

Author: Christopher Kemp / Team ATII

For most, movies like “Taken” describe the reality of what they believe trafficking is.  The horrible truth is that is just a small portion of the trafficking world. 

Traffickers are at work everyday in almost every city, rural or urban area in a great majority of the world.  They hunt on the ground, on the net, and on every available means of communication for those who are vulnerable. 

Vulnerable doesn’t always mean homeless, drug addicted, or abused, because everyone is vulnerable.  If you have ever wanted, or felt like you needed something in your life you are vulnerable, because there are people who will tell you what you want to hear and can do so in such a way that they can trick sometimes even the most savvy or well off.

Rebecca Bender was for all intents and purpose your average high school student.  Active in her social life and extra-curricular activities.  She even got into college. 

So, you’re thinking how did this happen to her?  Her vulnerability existed in her need to have companionship, to feel wanted.  A single mother who felt trapped by her reality, stuck at home whilst her college friends went out and enjoyed their bustling after school activities.  She wanted more, she wanted a “knight in shining armor” and probably projected this need.  Albeit unbeknownst to her at the time. 

She met a man who showered her with affection, took her places and made her feel special, until she moved far away from any support that she did have, with this man.  Just as soon as she was isolated, she was victimized by this same man.  Over and over again a horrible cycle of abuse, apologies, abuse, apologies a horrible circle of pain and sorrow. 

Rebecca eventually found herself in the arms of another trafficker, after a failed attempt to escape her Romeo capture, this man simply beat her, until she was near broken from the physical strain.  He was brutal, and fiercely intent upon uses this brutality to intimidate, coerce, and imprison his victims. 

This shortened version of Rebecca Bender’s story is not meant to elicit sympathy, collect money, or any other ulterior motive.  It is simply a means to educate, create awareness and inspire action. 

Who knows how many others are out there, some in your own backyard, just feet from the paths that you walk every day? 

If you haven’t taken a hard look ever, take one today. 

When you leave your house, go to work, hit the shopping center take a look today with a different lens.  Today you could be the person that helps to free a modern slave. 

If this message has inspired, you and you want to help but just don’t know how there are a plethora of organizations out there.  We are just one you can check us out at http:/ a little means a lot in a battle that spans continents.