Follow Money Fight Slavery Summit Recordings

Darkweb Intelligence

Moderator Chris Poulter, OSINT Combine

Carolina Christofoletti, TRM Labs

Keven Hendricks, Ubivis Project

Richard Brooks, University of New Haven

Follow Money Fight Slavery 2022 Summit Header

2022 Follow.Money.Fight.Slavery. Video Library

Opening Remarks - Day One of the Summit

Mark Scarmazzino

Senior Account Executive at ACI Worldwide

Survivor Keynote: How Companies Can Play Their Part in Combating Human Trafficking

Rani Hong
CEO at The Freedom Seal

Anti-Human Trafficking NGO Collaboration
for Accelerated Impact

Moderator Mike DiTurno, The Knoble

Sara Crowe, Polaris

Staca Shehan, NCMEC

Rochelle Keyhan, Collective Liberty

Aaron Kahler, ATII


AML Leadership Take on Regulatory View on
Human Trafficking & CSAM

Moderator Alma Angotti, Guidehouse

Carol Beaumier, Protiviti

Karim Rajwani, Independent FC Consultant & Vice Chair ATII Advisory Council

Jim Richards, RegTech Consulting LLC

Wren York, ATII Advisory Council

Anti-Human Trafficking Cryptocurrency Consortium (ATCC) - Exchange Perspective

Moderator Pamela Clegg, CipherTrace, a Mastercard Company

Mike Carter, Bittrex

Gabriella Kusz, Global Digital Asset & Cryptocurrency Association

John Kothanek, Coinbase

Ian Mynot, Krakken Digital Asset Exchange

Tech for Good Against Human Trafficking & Child Exploitation

Moderator Rachel McLaughlin, Pegasystems, Inc

Damian Tran, MinervaAI

Sherrie Caltagirone, Global Emancipation Network

Erin Brown, Constella Intelligence

Noel Thomas, Zero Trafficking

Anti-Human Trafficking Cryptocurrency Consortium (ATCC) - Blockchain Forensics Collaboration

Moderator Ari Redbord, TRM Labs

William Callahan, Blockchain Intelligence Group

Beth Bisbee, Chainalysis

Jonelle Still, CipherTrace, a Mastercard Company

Opening Remarks - Day Two of the Summit

Mark Scarmazzino

Senior Account Executive at ACI Worldwide

ESG, Corporate Culture & Supply Chain

Moderator Jennifer Moreau, ATII

Mary Ho, Diginex

Rani Hong, The Freedom Seal

Gary Roboff, Shared Assessments

Jeff Blom, University of New Haven

Bank Led Efforts Around Anti-Human Trafficking & CSAM

Moderator Sarah Byrne, Moore&VanAllen Law

Steve Zinger, PNC Bank

Kimberly Spider & Mike Ripley, M&T Bank

Nicole Kitowski, Associated Bank

Sean Marsden, Truist

Anti-Human Trafficking Cryptocurrency Consortium (ATCC) - Crypto-Kiosk/Bitcoin ATM's Perspective

Moderator Elias Kokaly, TRM Labs

Rich Sanders, CipherBlade

Seth Sattler, DigitalMint

Paul Marrinan, TRM Labs

Anti-Human Trafficking Retail Consortium (ATRC) - MSB, Payment Processing & Retail Perspective

Moderator Mark Scarmozzino, ACI Worldwide

Jessica Smith, NCPTF

Silvija Krupena, RedCompass Labs

Rich Lebel, TRAC

Closing Remarks and Darkwebathon Stats

Larry Cameron

Chief Information Security Officer at ATII

2021 Follow.Money.Fight.Slavery. Video Library

What a Survivor-Leader Wants You to Know About Human Trafficking

Kat Wehunt

Founder, Executive Director of The Formation Project

Follow the Money to Fight Slavery...A Banker's Guide on Taking the Profit Out of Human Trafficking

Karim Rajwani

SVP, Chief Operating Officer at Scotiabank

FinCEN SAR Checkbox Advocate

Joann Alicea

Senior Compliance Officer
at JPMorgan Chase

FAST Initiative

Barry Koch

Former Commissioner, Liechtenstein Initiative for a Financial Sector Commission on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking; Law Professor; AML Expert Witness

How to Leverage Partnerships to Fight Human Trafficking

Scott Apodaca CAMS

Director, Financial Intelligence Unit at Western Union

Richard Lebel CAMS

Director at Transaction Record Analysis Center

DHS's New Center for Countering Human Trafficking

Angie Salazar

Interim Director, Center for Countering Human Trafficking, Homeland Security Investigations

CSR Policies Around Human Trafficking

Associated Bank Team

Nicole Kitowski, Chief Risk Officer
Robert Schuldes, Corporate BSA/AML/OFAC Officer
Sarah Gasiorowski, Security Officer

AML Thought Leaders Panel

Moderator Alma Angotti, Guidehouse

Phil DeLuca, U.S. Bank, Senior VP

Jim Richards, RegTech Consulting LLC, Founder & Principal

Carol Beaumier, Protiviti, Senior Managing Director

Technology & Data Panel

Moderator Rachel McLaughlin, Pegasystems, Inc

Ingrid Verschuren, Dow Jones, Senior VP of Data Strategy & Deputy Head of Professional Information Business

Matthew Long, CFCS, MICA, Quantexa, Head of AML Solutions, EMEA

Jennifer Wells McEntire, Wells Fargo, VP, Financial Crimes Automation & Digitization

Gary Shiffman, Giant Oak, Inc., CEO & Economist

Robert A. Goldfinger, CAMS, CFS, Capt. CID (ret.), BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, Global Financial Crimes Expert

Anti-Human Trafficking Cryptocurrency Consortium (ATCC) - Crypto Exchange Panel

Moderator Pamela Clegg, CipherTrace

Lana Schwartzman, Paxful, Chief Compliance Officer

John Kothanek, Coinbase, Senior Director of Global Intelligence/Investigations

Elias Kokaly, CAMS, TRM Labs, Deployment Strategist

Anti-Human Trafficking Cryptocurrency Consortium (ATCC) - Crypto Kiosk & Bitcoin ATM Panel

Moderator Robert Whitaker, Blockchain Intelligence Group

Richard Sanders, CipherBlade, Lead Investigator/Principal

Seth Sattler, CAMS, DigitalMint, BSA Officer

Joseph Ciccolo, CAMS, AMLCA, CFE, BitAML and ComplyFit, Founder

Arnold Spencer, Coinsource, General Counsel