Carolina Circle

Carolina Christofoletti

CSAM Independent Researcher & Expert.

Carolina Christofoletti is a Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) Researcher studying CSAM since 2017 and with specialized expertise on Dark Web forums. Carolina is University of São Paulo (Brazil) 2018 Aucani’s Research Merit Award winner and Research Merit and Academical Highlight from Ribeirão Preto Law School, University of São Paulo (Brazil) in 2021 where she holds a Bachelor at Law Degree with Honors. 

She also holds an L.L.M. on Peace Procedures and Transitional Justice from the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University of Colombia (2021).

During her academical career, she has received a three-year funding of University of São Paulo for purposes of CSAM Research (2017-2020), building some strong partnerships with Brazilian Law Enforcement Agencies during this path. 

Carolina has served as a CSAM Research Fellow at the University of Freiburg, Germany (2018-2019) and in University of Salamanca, Spain (2020). She had the opportunity of joining a team of invited lecturers as a mentor for Introduction to Criminal Law at the University of Leipzig, Germany in 2021. 

At present, she is a Master Candidate in Cybercrime for the Nebrija Polytechnic School (Spain) working on CSAM distribution on BitTorrent (2022) and a Master Candidate in Compliance for the Law Faculty of Castilla La Mancha (2022), where she is reviewing PornHub’s Compliance Program on CSAM. She is also a L.L.M. candidate in Digital Forensics at IPOG, Brazil.

Carolina Christofoletti has served as a volunteer for the Cyber Centre for International Intelligence (United States), a project aimed disrupting criminal networks operating in the cybercrime through intelligence, and also for the World Cyber Security Center (Nova Delhi) in 2020. She currently leads the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII) CSAM Research and Investigations Unit. 

Carolina is also an Attorney-at-Law in Brazil working with Cybercrime and Internet Law and the Head of the Internet Governance and Crimes against Children Working Group at University of São Paulo (Brazil).