Carolina Circle

Carolina Christofoletti

CSAM Independent Researcher & Expert.

Carolina is an Attorney at Law with Research Honours by University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil, who is absolutely passionate about Computer Science and Internet Regulations of all kinds.

Raised as a Criminal Lawyer, I specialized myself in Cybercrime and, more specific, in Child Sexual Abuse Materials (CSAM), a scenario that I have been researching independently, in Brazil and abroad -with University’s support- since 2017.

At present, I am a Master Candidate for University Castilla la Mancha, Spain, in Compliance, writing about Pornhub’s CSAM Policy and for University of Nebrija, Spain, in Cybercrime (Law enforcement path), writing on CSAM on BitTorrent.

Being tailored, academically, in the hands of three giants, a corporate criminologist, a whistle-blower philosopher and an intelligence analyst, I came to be a problem-solver in the field I have chosen for myself: the CSAM one.

Through computer science, I came to the CSAM clubs on the Darknet. Through corporate law, I came to Trust and Safety Policies. Through whistleblowing, I came to the CSAM hotlines. And through intelligence, I found a way to put it all together.