Eva Veldhuizen-Ochodničanová

Eva Veldhuizen

Forensic Psychology Specialist & Investigations Taskforce Manager

Eva is a multi-national Forensic Psychologist and OSINT investigator at the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative. She holds Bachelors degrees in Psychology, Political Science and Journalism from University College Utrecht, which she graduated Summa Cum Laude, as well as a Master of Science degree from the highly selective Forensic Psychology programme at the University of Maastricht. 

Eva has a diverse background in academic research, having conducted a study into the risk profile of CSAM offenders in Japan, and published two further research articles in the International Journal of Law, Justice and Crime on the profiling of sex trafficking in the United States. In addition, she has served as project manager at the Cambridge University Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking, as Honorary Research Scholar and member of the Sex Offender Research Lab at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and as guest lecturer for the Human Trafficking course at Utrecht University. Furthermore, Eva is a dissertation and Academic Writing tutor for the Profs, specialising in Criminology, Psychology and Sociology. For this, she has recently been awarded the Best New Talent 2021 Award.

In her role as Forensic Psychologist, Eva has worked in a Secure Unit in London, administering CBT-based therapeutic interventions, conducting risk and personality disorder assessments and serving as expert witness for mentally disordered violent and sexual offenders. She additionally was a member of the Sexual Behaviour Service, which aimed to rehabilitate individuals with histories of sexual offences. 

From an analytical perspective, Eva has this year worked for the International Criminal Court as Analyst in an integrated team comprising analysts, lawyers and investigators conducting investigations into allegations of Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity and War crimes. She has additionally worked as Threat Intelligence Analyst, and has completed numerous trainings in Open Source Investigation, including the Open Source Investigation training by UC Berkley School of Law and Institute for International Criminal Investigations, and the Digital Sherlocks Fall 2021 program by the DFR Lab. 

From a non-academic standpoint, Eva speaks five languages fluently, has lived and studied in four continents and travelled to over fifty countries, giving her a broad multicultural perspective. 

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