Jennifer Moreau-Chick

Jennifer Moreau

Marketing Director

Jennifer Moreau is the Founder and Corporate Social Responsibility Officer for World For Good – the first company in the US to become a Certified USA Social Enterprise. As a survivor of domestic trafficking, she knows firsthand that mistreatment of women can happen to anyone regardless of their social, educational or financial status.

Jennifer Moreau started World For Good to reach other women who have gone through or are currently going through abuse and exploitation. Her extensive experience includes serving as the Marketing Director for First GREEN Bank, a Certified B Corporation bank. She helped craft their global mission and played a critical role as they became the first bank in the Southeastern United States dedicated to social and environmental responsibility.

Jennifer Moreau fuses her core passions of anti-human trafficking and corporate social responsibility (CSR) together as she encourages other businesses to implement their own CSR policies to better detect the indicators of human trafficking in their day-to-day business practices.