Kara Smith ATII Advisor

Kara, with a remarkable 18-year career, has dedicated herself to the pursuit of hunting criminals worldwide. Her expertise in intelligence began serving in the United States Air Force deploying to both Iraq and Afghanistan. This is where she honed her expertise in various fields, including SIGINT and AllSource Analysis. Throughout her career, she has served esteemed organizations such as the National Air and SpaceIntelligence Center (NASIC), National Security Agency (NSA),Air Force Office of Special Investigation (AFOSI), FederalBureau of Investigation (FBI), and other law enforcement entities from coast to coast.

Kara’s proficiency lies in delivering timely and invaluable subject matter expert analysis to both the Department of Defense and Law Enforcement. She excels in high-stress environments, leveraging her knowledge of multiple intelligence community and law enforcement databases. Her adeptness in these areas enables her to provide critical support when it matters most.

Prior to her current consulting role, Kara honed her skills in open source and social media intelligence while actively pursuing human traffickers. Her commitment to this cause led her to work with a non-profit organization, where she quickly rose through the ranks from a part-time analyst role to become the Chief of Analytics where she directed the organization’s strategic analysis development, offering cutting-edge practices, methodologies, and tools to both law enforcement agencies and private companies combating human trafficking.

During her spare time, Kara is known to disappear off the grid, opting for camping and hiking trips in areas without cellular coverage, far from the bustling pace of the modern world.