Scott Frank


Scott founded the DIGITAL EMPOWERMENT PROJECT™ in 2017 and is fortunate to have the opportunity to travel the country sharing his perspective and presenting to teens, educators, counselors, youth pastors and parents. Scott lives in Oak Harbor, Ohio and is the father of four internet savvy kids.

After an amazing 38 year career in law enforcement Scott’s mission became to EMPOWER TEENS to make safe and healthy choices online and to EDUCATE PARENTS so they can support and guide their teens. Scott was a former NW3C Computer Forensic Specialist and Internet Crimes Against Children Investigator. In addition to forensically examining digital media his role as an Investigator was to traverse the internet posing as a child.

The world Scott found himself in for over ten years was almost beyond descriptive words. He knew that his investigations were important and they were making a difference – one predator at a time. Scott’s heart told him he needed, and wanted to, do  more. Scott’s passion became the DIGITAL EMPOWERMENT PROJECT.