Anti-Child Sexual Exploitation Consortium

We are equipping tech and social platforms to better identify risks related to child exploitation and child sexual abuse material (CSAM) with our specially curated datasets that can be used to detect potential child exploitation.

Identifying NonCompliant Users Linked to Child Exploitation and CSAM - Collected from Social Media Platforms


Utilizing an ongoing collection of “stop words” and phrases identified by our team of intelligence and child safety advisors, we employed a systematic approach to extract relevant risk-based intelligence. This involves conducting comprehensive OSINT utilizing a variety of investigative disciplines across various social platforms and targeted domains.



In conducting risk-based intelligence paired with meticulous search methodology, we are able to successfully identify and currate an ongoing collection of user profiles, account names and other identifiers that exhibited a correlation to potential child exploitation. This process not only underscores our commitment to trust and safety but also highlights our dedication to creating a secure online environment, particularly for vulnerable users such as children.

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